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Uploaded on Oct 12, 2018 by Duffman
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Country Australia
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Who_cares (Dec 7, 2018): I just told you Ttu I fuck her at Garma festival At nhulunbuy back in 2014
Ttu (Dec 7, 2018): Who_cares where did you fuck Sarah & what u fuck her both hole & did she suck ur dick & what u call Sarah bulbulmarra
Who_cares (Dec 7, 2018): I did fuck her long time ago at Garma festival if you don't trust me just forget it because I got no proof for you guys if i was making vudeo with her or taking pics of her i will send you or upload here but nothing but it is true story
DuffmanD (Dec 7, 2018): Sarah got fuck from her lil Daddy at Ramingining& she so sexy slut girl every1 welcome
Ttu (Nov 9, 2018): Djanamirr yurru dhala bonytji ga anybodyfucker dhuwal bupul bili ngaya dhuway dirramuy nhukun Galiwinku puy yhu ga Ramingining puy yhu
Ttu (Oct 15, 2018): Dhuway dirramuy bili nhukun ngaya Bupul nha true galiwinku puy yhu ga warrkpuy yhu djirridumurr miylk watu balanya anybody fucker marrkapmirr true god
Duffman (Oct 14, 2018): Hero boy how many times you fuck Sarah Bulbulmarra at oval & what she said to you & are she good for kissing & for suck kok or anykind of sex & did any dhuwa boy been fucking her
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